Monday, January 23, 2012

गीत: एकटी ती, सांजवेळी

सोडू नको एकटे मला सांजवेळी
श्वासात भास होती, मला कातरवेळी||धृ।  
   मिटल्या      पंखातून
   मिटती         गाणी
   फिटते          नभातून
   केशराचे      पाणी

व्याकूळ करे मला, घर चंद्रमोळी
सोडू नको एकटे, मला सांजवेळी||१||

थरारून हले पान, थरारते डहाळी
दबाधरून उभी दिसे, तिथे रात्रकाळी

   पश्चिमेच्या   वाऱ्यातून
   उदास          कहाणी
   दाही            दिशातून
   दाटती         आठवणी

दिव्या दिव्यात आज, दिसे काजळी
सोडू नको एकटे, मला सांजवेळी|| 2|| 
अभिजित अत्रे


Umesh Isalkar said...
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Umesh Isalkar said...

Fantastic...first two lines remind me of a non-descript musician who set them to tune was quite soulful..!

atre-uvach said...
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atre-uvach said...

Ha Ha. The said musician has grt talent. I am hopeful that some day he will join me, provided he stops his high paying assignments in the evening. even if he goes to his home stringht after 7 pm, insted of paying visits to some places spread across the city, he will be able to spare some time for me. But, I agree, that those visits may be more interesting then composing music for such non-descrpt poems.

subhash sonawane said...

Khoopach Chhan

kanchi said...

Although i m not that good with marathi ..still can understand well..heart touching poem..too goog Sirji ..tusi great ho!!!